The Beginning

A wee preface to how Ronnie came about.....

Starting up our own business in spring 2019 has been a dream we've both had for a long time, when the chance came around we simply had to go for it.

Many a night was spent on many a site checking out units that where out there and what kind we would use was actually a bit of a conundrum. A van, a horse box, a gazebo? Even a shepherds hut was mentioned once!

After finally settling on a van, we wanted one which had a bit of curb appeal (excuse the pun)! We always loved the look of the old vans like the 70'sBedford ice cream vans, Renault Estafette and Volkswagen campers, but nothing caught our attention quite like the Citroen H van. Small but still enough space for two (smallish) size folk to comfortably work in too.

We were on the NCASS site one night and had arranged to go see a Renault in West Yorkshire, on the way down we noticed a H van come up for sale all the way down near Brighton.

So, after checking out the beautiful pepper red Renault which we had pretty much decided we wanted, curiosity came calling and we decided to add a good extra 10 hours onto the journey to have a nosey at this eye catching Citroen. We met his owner Nick and before we knew it we had surprisingly shook hands on our first addition to the fleet, a 1973 bright orange Citroen H Van!

Nick had been using it for his gourmet burger business and it was kitted out pretty much to the spec we wanted so it was too good an offer to turn down.

We put a vote out on our social media for followers to pick a good name. Ronnie won out! Can't imagine him being called anything else now