Weddings and private hire

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Weddings and private hire


We will work with you, your venue or your wedding planner to ensure that everything is in place for you on the day. 

We can cover every meal choice on your special day from pre wedding meals the night before and early morning bridal snacks right up to late night food for your evening guests and post wedding BBQs the day after the big event! We can comfortably cater for up to 200 guests from our van and gazebo. We also have many styles in which we can serve the food up.


Traditional buffets

Our buffet style is simmilar to a traditional buffet where you have hot food served from a station in chafing units and all your guests come and eat the food at the same time. Cold serving stations are availble too if you wish to have items like salads, slaws, breads and dips. 


Street Food Vibe

Although we do offer the buffet style as most of our packages, we can offer to serve up the food in our wonderfully popular street food vibe!

Our Street food vibe allows you and your guests to come to the van and order your food from us as if you were at a real street food event! This scenario gives you a much longer period of time to come up for the food as and when you wish (usually 2-3 hours).


With our street food package we serve up all types of slow cooked meats that we normally cook up at street food events we have attended. Cubanos, Banh Mi's, pig fritters and truffle venison mac n cheese are a few of the more popular choices!



Our sliders are a very popular alternative to canapes. These are 70mm in diamater slider buns and we fill them with the best of the best! Fillings such as our 36 hour slow cooked hog with apple sauce and wild venison haunch and horseradish are a great bite size snack to have before your main event. We have a great selection of fish, veggie and vegan sliders too and are always happy to listen to ideas you already may have for the fillings.