Ronnie the Citroen!

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Ronnie the Citroen!


Our beautiful 1973 Citroen HY van Ronnie is the perfect prop for any occasion. When we do events we kit him out in lights, wooden serving boards and stag horn candleabras to bring a bit of theatre to the occasion, he certainly scrubs up well. We also have a great 3 x 3 metre waterproof gazebo which can be set up either on its own or as part of Ronnies set up.


Ronnie originates from the South of France and spent most of the 70's as a delivery truck. The 80's, 90's and 00's saw him cooped up on a private farm before being snapped up by his first British owners and Essex based "Burger and Beyond".


They had a duo of orange H vans and when they moved more into bricks and mortar Ronnie found his new home down in Hayward's Heath as the new pinup of 23M Burger Service. A cool project whereby all produce was sourced in a 23 mile radius of Ronnie's home.


venturing off into other avenues Ronnie found himself looking for a new home again and that's when we just had to snap him up!


He became the proud cover boy of Stag Bites The Hog in April 2019